Terms and Conditions


Babel Cervejaria Ltda. EPP, a private legal entity, headquartered in the city of Porto Alegre / RS, Rua João Carlos More 65, Bairro Anchieta, registered with CNPJ 15583232/0001-97, an industrial company focused on beer production, whose one of its objectives is to make it easier for the end consumer to purchase their products. With that in mind, it offers its customers the possibility of making purchases over the internet.

In compliance with Decree No. 7962/2013, in this act and in this way, by means of this contract, it presents below the general conditions for purchase on the website https://loja.cervejababel.com.br.


1.1 The purpose of this contract is to present to Babel Cervejaria customers the general conditions for buying and selling products on the website https://loja.cervejababel.com.br.


2.1 The products offered for sale on the website are available for purchase only by persons who have the legal capacity to hire them. Under 18 years of age and other persons who do not have full capacity, under the terms of arts. 3 and 4 of the Civil Code (Law 10.406 / 02).


3.1 Only the registration of the interested party who completes all the registration fields will be confirmed. The future user must complete it with the exact, accurate and true information, and undertakes to update the data whenever changes occur.


4.1 Payment can be made via credit and debit cards or by bank bond.

4.2 Babel Cervejaria uses the Pagseguro payment service, accepting the card brands supported by this platform.

4.3 Prices and payment terms are exclusive for purchase via the internet and may vary from physical means or other forms of contact, as well as those practiced for resellers.

4.4 The offers are valid until the end of our internet stocks. Sales subject to review and confirmation of data.

4.5 The sale is only completed after payment and due compensation and confirmation by the collection system. For card payments, this happens immediately when the payment is approved. For payment in bank bond, this occurs only after one to three business days after its settlement in the banking network.


5.1 After calculating the freight, the website will automatically calculate the delivery time (working days) that will be valid after the 1st working day after receiving the confirmation email for your purchase.

5.2 Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, and may vary according to the freight contracted, and it is essential that someone has the address indicated. Always check the invoice and products upon delivery.

5.3 The receipt can be made by porters, secretaries, family members or any person responsible for receiving goods at the indicated address, by signing the proof of delivery and presenting the document. If any of these people is not authorized to receive your order, let them know so that you can be notified immediately and can personally receive the goods, otherwise the delivery person will leave it with the person who is willing to receive it and is at the address indicated.

5.4 If there is difficulty in delivery on the 1st attempt (absent recipient, difficulty in locating the address, etc.), an additional 01 (one) attempt will be made, with an interval of up to 02 (two) business days.

5.5 If delivery is not completed in this new attempt, the product will be returned to our inventory. For either situation, you will be notified by email.

5.6 The customer may choose to schedule delivery. At the moment, delivery scheduling is only available to municipalities in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre / RS.

5.7 For the success of your appointment, it is essential that the address and telephone information of your registration are updated. In case of unsuccessful delivery, you must immediately contact our company so that we can better assist you.


6.1 If you wish to exchange or withdraw from the purchase after delivery, you will have the right to return the product (s) and receive a refund of the amount paid or exchange for the desired item. The deadline for exchange or withdrawal from the purchase is 07 (seven) consecutive days from the day after receipt of the product, as stipulated in the Consumer Protection Code in its article 49. The exchange or cancellation will only be carried out if the product is in its original packaging, without signs of damage, without violation and accompanied by the invoice. For the exchange or cancellation to be carried out, the product will undergo technical analysis within 05 (five) business days, counting from the receipt of the product at our distribution center. If the product meets the above requirements, it will be possible to perform the exchange or cancellation.

6.2 If the purchase is canceled, the amount paid will be refunded by bank transfer.

6.3 If your cancellation has not been approved after analysis because the product is not in the conditions listed above, it will be returned without prior consultation.

6.4 The costs of transporting the returned product in case of withdrawal are borne by the buyer.


7.1 When receiving the order, check the condition of the items.

7.2 If the damage is detected at the time of delivery, refuse to receive the product, make a small note on the back of the invoice or on the delivery receipt explaining the refusal and specifying the damage detected, and immediately notify Babel Cervejaria.

7.3 If the damage is detected after delivery of the product, exchange or cancellation will not be accepted.


8.1 If you receive any product in disagreement with your order, you must refuse delivery, make a small note on the back of the invoice or proof of delivery explaining the refusal, and contact the Brewery immediately. After the refusal, the item will return to our company and as soon as the exchange process is finished, we will send the correct product according to the deadline for delivery in the region.

8.2 If you identify the error after receipt, you should not open the packaging and contact the Brewery immediately informing the data contained in the product packaging. The deadline for collecting the product will be informed via email, whatsapp or phone. After returning the item and completing the exchange process, we will send you the correct product according to the deadline for delivery in the region.

8.3 If the product is unavailable in our stock, you can replace it with another one at the same value or request a cancellation of the purchase. If the product chosen for exchange is of higher value, the difference will be charged in a single installment on your credit or debit card.


9.1 For your convenience, when purchasing a product on the Cervejababel.com website, it is possible to make the exchange for dissatisfaction or regret at the headquarters of Babel Cervejaria in Porto Alegre. The deadline for making the exchange at the brewery is also up to 07 (seven) calendar days from the day following receipt of the product, so you must go to the brewery within this period.

9.2 To execute the exchange, it is necessary to present the purchase invoice or proof of delivery.


10.1 All items of this term will be governed by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil. For all matters relating to its interpretation and compliance, the parties will submit to the central forum of the city of Porto Alegre, except for complaints submitted by users who fall within the legal concept of consumers, who may submit to the forum of their home.

Updated on September 21, 2020