Privacy Policy

1. Definitions: for the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the following definitions apply: designates the website. Babel Cervejaria: Babel Cervejaria Ltda. EPP, a legal entity of private law, with headquarters at Rua João Carlos More 65, Bairro Anchieta, Porto Alegre - RS, CEP 90200-120 and registered with the CNPJ number 15583232/0001-97. Cookies: files sent by the website server to the User's computer, with the purpose of identifying the computer and obtaining access data, such as browsed pages or clicked links, thus allowing to personalize the use of the website, according to its profile; IP: short for Internet Protocol. It is a set of numbers that identifies the User's computer on the Internet; Logs: records of User activities performed on the website; Session ID: identification of the User's session in the registration process or when using the website in any way. User: anyone who starts using the site.

2. Obtaining the data and information: the data and information will be obtained when the User:

1. Start using the website;

2. Interact with the various tools on the site, providing the information voluntarily; or

3. Get in touch through the communication channels available on the website.

3. Data and Information Storage: all data and information collected from Users will be incorporated into the website's database, with Babel Cervejaria being its responsible and owner. The collected data and information will be stored in a safe environment, observing the state of the art available, and can only be accessed by qualified and authorized persons by Babel Cervejaria. In addition, Babel Cervejaria states that it will not share, sell or present User data to third parties. Considering that no security system is absolutely safe, Babel Cervejaria disclaims any responsibility for any damages and / or losses arising from failures, viruses or invasions of the website's database, except in cases of intent or guilt for the same. The User is the owner of the data and is able to add, delete or modify any information that is linked to his user profile at Babel Cervejaria.

4. Use of Data and Information: the data and information collected from Users may be used for the following purposes:

1. Make any communication resulting from the activity of the website itself or the identification of the respective recipient;

2. Respond to any doubts and requests from the User;

3. Provide access to the restricted area of ​​the website or its exclusive features;

4. Compliance with legal or judicial order;

5. Constitute, defend or regularly exercise rights in the judicial or administrative sphere;

6. Prepare general statistics to identify the profile of Users and develop campaigns for Babel Cervejaria;

7. Ensure the safety of Users;

8. Keeping the Users' records up-to-date for purposes of authorized contact to be made by telephone, electronic mail, SMS, direct mail or other means of communication;

9. Inform about news, promotions and events of Babel Cervejaria and its commercial partners.

4.1. About e-mails: E-mails may be sent daily with offers to registered customers. The emails sent by Babel Cervejaria do not contain attachments to be downloaded, nor do they request user data.

4.2. In case the Client no longer wants to receive emails from Babel Cervejaria, he must click on the unsubscribe link present in all emails sent.

5. Registration of Activities: Babel Cervejaria may register the activities performed by the User on the website, through logs, including:

1. User IP address;

2. Actions performed by the User on the website;

3. Pages accessed by the User;

4. Dates and times of each action and access to each feature of the site;

5. User ID Session, when applicable. The aforementioned records may be used by Babel Cervejaria in cases of investigation of fraud or undue changes in its systems and records.

6. Cookies: the website will be able to make use of cookies, the User being responsible for configuring his Internet browser, if he wishes to block them. In this case, some features of the site may be limited.

7. General Provisions: the provisions contained in this Privacy Policy may be updated or modified at any time, the User being responsible for verifying it whenever accessing the website. The User should contact in case of any doubt regarding the provisions contained in this Privacy and Use Policy through the contact form.

8. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction: this Privacy Policy will be interpreted according to Brazilian law, in the Portuguese language, with the Porto Alegre District Court being elected to settle any dispute, question or supervening doubt, with express waiver of any other, for more privileged it may be.

9. Registration: to participate and enjoy the website, in addition to being at least 18 (eighteen) years old, the Client must provide the following information at the time of registration: full name, surname, CPF, RG, full address, landline , date of birth, email, in addition to choosing a password.

Update: April 21, 2020.