How To Buy


Anytime you browse the store, you will easily find the goods you are looking for, by the resources available in the store, the location via Menu or via Search.


The list of categories we have will appear in the menu at the top or on the left, clicking on any of them will list the products related to the selected category.


Another way is to use the search facility, whose form can be found at the home of our Store and described as “What are you looking for?” . You must enter a word that identifies what you are looking for and the system will find the item, please type at least 3 characters.


In "MY ACCOUNT" menu on the page header, you register on the website. It's fast, easy and safe. In addition to being necessary to close any online purchase, the registration allows your cart to be saved and you can receive notifications of your interest, if you want.


Items that you added to your cart in previous sections are registered in your account. When you log in, they automatically appear in your cart. If you added items to the cart in the current section before logging in, they will be added to the items added in previous sections in which you were logged in.

If you don't want to add it, don't worry: just open your cart on the top button and remove the items you don't want.


Entering the site means browsing the Categories and choosing the products you want to have a look at. When you hit the eye and fall in love, click on the “BUY” button and the product will be added to “My Cart”. If you want more than one unit, you can put the desired quantity in the corresponding field or click on "BUY" as many times as you want. At the top of the screen, the cart button will show the number of items and the total amount purchased.


Some items (boxes, combos, etc.) require you to choose options to compose the final set. Choose the options you want.


Put your zip code in the cart or choose your shipping address on the checkout page. All shipping options available to you will appear. Choose the one that is most convenient. Even if you work with some of the cheapest freight services on the market, the price can be high, depending on your region. Remember that beer is a heavy and bulky item, and shipping will cost you. We always recommend avoiding orders with few items or with separate items, so that the freight is better diluted in the value of the products.

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