Pack of 12 cans of Babel IPAs.

An explosion of intense hop flavors and aromas in this pack that we created for IPA lovers.

6x Ignatius

6x Easy Goin'

Ignatius - American IPA - 6.5% vol. 75 IBU - Intense and aromatic, an IPA with the citric, floral and resinous character of the Cascade and Citra hops. IPAs come and go, and Ignatius stands firm, with its legion of loyal connoisseurs. With few changes in its recipe since its creation in 2014, we can highlight the addition of Citra hops and the decrease in the complexity of malts. A classic American IPA, which appeals to both novice and expert palates.

Easy Goin '- Session IPA - 4% vol. 30 IBU - Intense in fruity, citrus and tropical hops, but light in body and bitterness. A beer full of personality and incredibly easy to drink.

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Hoppy Combo

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