Delivery Information

The brewery Babel sells its products through the website only for the territory of Brazil.

Our products are stored at the brewery's headquarters in Porto Alegre.

The freight cost of a product varies according to the weight and size of the product and the distance from the brewery in relation to the delivery zip code.

Some products are more perishable than others, and may have a maximum time allowed for transportation.

For these reasons, it may happen that an item is available for a specific zip code with a different shipping value than the one practiced for another, just as it is possible that a product is promoted with free shipping for a specific zip code and unavailable for another. The same goes for item availability, that is, some products may be available for certain delivery zip codes and for others not. Likewise, some shipping methods may be unavailable for certain zip codes and / or products.

About promotions announcing “Free Shipping”: note the information above, if the item you want is advertised with 'free shipping' on promotional banners on the website or in the app, you can confirm that this condition is available for your zip code before closing the purchase. To do so, simply enter the delivery zip code in the field indicated for freight calculation on the product page or in the Cart.

The "withdraw in store" or "withdraw in the brewery" modalities imply that the withdrawal and transportation of products, as well as their costs, are entirely the responsibility of the buyer, who can do it personally or hire the means of third parties that he wishes.

Before finalizing a purchase, always check the freight charge for the delivery zip code.