About Us

We started our activities in 2013 in Porto Alegre - Brazil, in the Anchieta neighborhood, one of the main beer hubs in Latin America.

As in the legend of the Tower of Babel, where several different languages ​​were spoken, Babel Brewery concentrates, in a single brand, several brewing languages, presenting both world-renowned beer styles as well as exclusive creations.

The brewery's creator, Humberto Fröhlich, has been a brewer since 2005, but tradition has run in his bloodline for a long time: His family had an old brewery in the German colony, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul countryside. Humberto was the first Brazilian beer judge to reach National level in the Beer Judge Certification Program.

In our short history, we have already been awarded nine national and international awards, and several of our products were considered the best in their categories in Brazil or Latin America.

Our goal is to offer the consumer a beer with no fuss and no frills, but with quality, creativity and, above all, respect. After all, this is our business: good beer, simple as that.